35 Kinds Rare China’s Tree Peony Seeds Paeonia Suffruticosa Flowers Plants Shrub


Quantity:  20 seeds per pack   ( 35 kinds for you to choose)          Simplified Packaging: Ziplock Bag


Paeonia suffruticosa, the tree peony, is a species of peony native to China. It is known as MUDAN in Chinese and is an important symbol in Chinese culture. See the main peony article for more information. It was first described by Henry Charles Andrews.

Most are herbaceous perennial plants 0.5–1.5 metres tall, but some resemble trees up to 1.5–3 metres tall. They have compound, deeply lobed leaves, and large, often fragrant flowers, ranging from red to white or yellow, in late spring and early summer.

The peony is among the longest-used flowers in ornamental culture and is one of the smallest living creature national emblems in China. Along with the plum blossom, it is a traditional floral symbol of Mongolia and China, where the Paeonia suffruticosa is called MUDAN. It is also known as “flower of riches and honour,” and is used symbolically in Chinese art.[11] In 1903, the Qing Dynasty declared the peony as the national flower. Currently, the Republic of China on Taiwan designates the plum blossom as the national flower, while the People’s Republic of China has no legally designated national flower. In 1994, the peony was proposed as the national flower after a nationwide poll, but the National People’s Congress failed to ratify the selection. In 2003, another selection process has begun, but to date, no choice has been made.

The famous ancient Chinese city Luoyang has a reputation as a cultivation centre for the peonies. Throughout Chinese history, peonies in Luoyang are often said to be the finest in the country. Dozens of peony exhibitions and shows are still held there annually.


#1 Rose peony 20 seeds, #2 Light yellow peony 20 seeds, #3 Pink lady peony 20 seeds, #4 Blue peony 20 seeds, #5 The King 20 seeds, #6 Beauty smile 20 seeds, #7 Princess 20 seeds, #8 Polyphyll green 20 seeds, #9 Light golden 20 seeds, #10 Black peony 10 seeds, #11 White peony 20 seeds, #12 Light purple 20 seeds, #13 Hydrangea 20 seeds, #14 Double color 20 seeds, #15 Sister peony 20 seeds, #16 Polyphyll pink 20 seeds, #17 Purple peony 20 seeds, #18 Queen peony 20 seeds, #19 Black sea golden pistil 20 seeds, #20 Polyphyll yellow 20 seeds, #21 Black face 20 seeds, #22 Polyphyll white 20 seeds, # 23 Polyphyll purple 20 seeds, #24 Polyphyll red 20 seeds, #25 Purple gauze 20 seeds, #26 White hair beauty 20 seeds, #27 Blue Botanicula 20 seeds, #28 Fire ball 20 seeds, #29 Jade cap 20 seeds, #30 Youth 20 seeds, #31 Coral red 20 seeds, #32 Xi Si 20 seeds, #33 Golden peony 20 seeds, #34 Faery 20 seeds, #35 Pink tower 20 seeds


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